Fictional Debt

Despite having an empire of fictional money, the US appears to still have gone bankrupt on these fictional debts.

But all that is to change as European companies, like Total, and officials, like the Bank of France governor, fight back,

suggesting an end to US dollar transactions in international trade.

Keiser Report is a no holds barred look at the shocking scandals behind the global financial headlines.

The crowd coming together to fight fracking in Texas (for fear of ever-increasing magnitude earthquakes) and Canadians delivering water for Detroit because ‘our water is

their water.’ In the second half, Max interviews Tina Rothery – aka Tina Louise – about the ‘implied inevitability’ of fracking and how Centrica and Cuadrilla are ‘squatting’ in

order to prevent anti-fracking activists from doing the same.

What financial system ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what banking system can preserve its liberties if the bankers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve.

Max interviews Arjen Kamphuis about his new and free digital manual “The Infosecurity Handbook For Journalists”